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We are Marine Enterprises, Inc. located at 24 Young Road Katonah - NY 10536 / 7 Halidon Court - Palm Beach Gardens - FL 33418 Tel: 914-232-3245 Fax: 914-470-2243

Marine Enterprises is a family run business founded in the early 1930's in New York City catering to the shipping industry for all types of equipment including rugged seafaring apparel.

Being of Norwegian descent, it was only natural to add a line of custom sweaters made in Norway from 100% pure Norwegian wool. Our search for a manufacturer led us to Norlender, a family owned company in business for as many years as we have been. In 1996, we partnered with Norlender and launched our online store, NorwegianSweaters.com.

We are confident that you will feel the same as we do about the quality and care put into every sweater. That's why we stand by our product with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

A little bit about Norlender

First Car

First Delivery Truck

A Norlender guarantees genuine Norwegian knitwear, environmentally friendly since 1927

Norlender's home is on the Island of Osterøy, on the western coast of Norway, 45 km from Bergen. With its varied scenery of fjords and mountains, Osterøy is a Norway in miniature. Osterøy is also Northern Europe's largest inland island, being 90% surrounded by land yet having salt water fjord and an outlet to the sea. Osterøy has a rich industrial and cultural tradition, which our factory has been a part of for close to 100 years.

Norlender's unique designs are based on Norway's knitting heritage from which we have developed knitwear for the modern man and woman. Combined with modern, efficient production methods and quality, 100% pure NORWEGIAN wool yarns, Norlender produces eco-friendly knitwear which will give pleasure for many years.

Factory Operations

Norway leads the world on initiatives to conserve energy. Consistent with this heritage and our exclusive partnership with Norlender, we are committed to a comprehensive low energy operation. Norlender's policies and activities include:

    • Using hydroelectric power, consistent with all of Norway, via a local Osteroy producer using local water resources.
    • Using less electricity for heating by changing from oil to thermal heat pumps, and turning thermostats down a couple degrees in cold weather.
    • Turning off all computers & other machines that use electrical power when leave factory, except knitting machines which stay on to retain memory.
    • Using only 100% wool yarn, a natural fiber resulting from healthy sheep herding in the mountains of Norway.
    • Using Norwegian wool, minimizing costs to transport raw materials.
    • Using Norwegian spinners who produce and dye their yarn with very strict rules; no heavy metals or damaging chemicals are allowed.
    • Shipping to customers direct from Norway reduces environmental impact by shipping once instead of twice (i.e. Norlender direct to consumer versus Norlender to our warehouse to customer).
    • Shipping each order in environmentally friendly recycled poly mailer shipping bag or box, depending on size of the order.
    • Active in recycling of paper/cardboards, plastic, glass and metal.
    • Continuing to convert to new, compact fluorescent light bulbs.
    • Minimizing use of paper by avoiding unnecessary printing.

We take pride in offering our customers an environmentally “healthy” product. In following these practices, there is a lower impact on wildlife and the earth’s resources.
It also saves on the bills! This means more savings for our customers for a beatiful hand made product from the fjords Norway!