What Customers are Saying!

Yes, I did receive it.  It is as beautiful as I hoped.  Thank you!
Virginia Hartmann

Thanks to you Valene has received a sweater every year at Christmas for 34 years.  These were the best, she is delighted.
Thanks again!
Randy Goff


The sweaters arrived yesterday afternoon!  WE LOVE THEM!!!!  Thank you so much for your very speedy service.  We intend to wear them on the flight from Minneapolis to Indianapolis on Christmas Day.  BUT. . .  we don't know if the weather will cooperate.  We are expecting 15-20 inches of snow within the next 30 hours.  Yikes!  Hopefully we will make it.  Thanks a million for the wonderful sweaters.

Jim Sample


The sweater that I ordered arrived today. Thank you so much for the great customer service. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the fit will be right. 

Happy Holidays,

Teri Jacobs



Hi Stuart, the cardigan arrived....fabulous! Fits perfectly and I tried it on with a flannel shirt, plenty of room. Are they ever going to be made in other colors, like a bright red or blue perhaps? Keep me posted on anything new that comes in. I love the way Norwegian design the patterns for their sweaters, very unique.

Thanks again.

Robert Pierce

Success, thanks for trying so hard!!!

Michael McAdams

Got it - looks great! Thanks again.

Jack Koeppe

The sweater came today and my wife is thrilled. Merry Christmas.
Ed & Marge Briggs

My mother was from Stavanger, I can't wait to see the sweater on her......By the way, great customer service. I've been in customer service for, well, here we go again, a long, long....long time, and it's nice to see that there is still good customer service in this world.
Have a great Christmas and thank you again.

Take care.

Tammy Preston


Thanks to Stuart for all the customer service in selecting the right first Norwegian sweater --- and looking forward to it :)


Yes, I have received it and it's beautiful! My husband loves it and looks good in it!
Thank you!

I wanted to thank you for your prompt responses to my emails. I was having problems with another online store and still have yet to receive that order. (Just to explain my bothersome emails to you!) Anyway, I received the sweater in time for Christmas and it was a HUGE HIT! My Dad loved it as he has wanted one for years. Thank you again for helping to make my family's holiday that much better!

Hi Stuart, I hope all is well with you, and that you enjoy a wonderful holiday season! I received the sweater this week, and it is beautiful. I think my sister will love it, so will see if it fits, but it sure looks like it will. Anyway, just wanted to thank you and let you know all arrived fine.Take good care.
Sincerely yours,
Carol Pippin

Just thought you would like to know the sweater has now arrived and I am absolutely over the moon with it! I shall wrap it now in time for Christmas. Many, many thanks once again. Amazing good service. Have a Wonderful Christmas!

Dear Stuart, Now that is what I call 'real service'!I shall certainly be recommending NorwegianSweaters.com to my friends!Many thanks for your assistance throughout this order. With very best wishes for the festive season. Yours The Harrisson Family

Eureka! Its here and I'm wearing it. And its just what I was hoping for.
Thanks for all your efforts.

Thank-you! I received it today and it looks beautiful. I hope my husband loves it as much as I do.
Thanks for keeping me posted - Alison

Thanks for getting back to me and the great service.
I'll get with you again next Christmas for another Norwegian sweater!

Thank you for following up. Yes, it arrived on the 27th and was a big hit.

Thanks for all you did. I got it on Christmas day at the right time.
Thanks again!

Galina did indeed receive the sweater and is over the moon with it. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, and my thanks for your patience.


Sweater arrived today. I am impressed with the quality and the fit is perfect. Thanks for your service and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Al K.

The sweater arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. Thanks so much! Cathy

Greatly appreciate all your help and thanks in advance!


I received the email from UPS. I am excited and anticipating the delivery of the sweater. Thank you for all your attention and time.


Thanks to Stuart for all the customer service in selecting the right first Norwegian sweater --- and looking forward :), Janice

That is exactly right. Thank you so much!
Tusen takk!!


Thanks so much for your help. The sweater is beautiful. I got nervous because I ordered another sweater from a different site and the site is no longer there and the charge went through and no sweater ever came. Thank you, yours is beautiful!! Kim

My order came today, so thank you very much. The sweater is beautiful and I hope it fits the person that I bought it for.
Tom Fleischhauer

Sweaters received, thank you for your work.

Best wishes.....John Clark

The sweater arrived about 10 days ago. Perfect sizing and color! Thanks for all your help


Wow, that was quick. Ordering one more. Need the family photo:) I can wait for the small size. Which is mine..............

Thanks for your quick response.


I feel really badly, but I need to return the sweater we worked so hard to get here before a birthday. The sweater is great, they really liked it, however they can't wear it because it is wool. I can't believe I have to do it, this truly was the best customer service I have ever received and thank you for your help.

Thanks again.....Erick Jensen

Thank you for your excellent service and quick reply. I run the Riverside Golf Course as the General Manager here in Maine, and I know how much great service means. I promise to tell 10 people how great you are.
Thanks again...........Nancy

Thanks sound good. Thanks for all your help Stuart.

Have a Merry Christmas!


I will look forward to getting the catalogs, I would like to order a cardigan for myself after Christmas. Also probably one for my daughter. They are truly beautiful and a very good price. I looked in Victoria BC last year and although one shop had Norwegian cardigans they weren't nearly as nice as yours, and were over $300 US which I thought a bit pricey.
Have a very happy Christmas and I hope the New Year is a good one for you.
All the best......Stella Kowal

Thank you so much for this lovely sweater. It is even prettier than we had thought. We are very pleased with our order.

Todd Wesanen

Yea! Thank you! Happy Holidays, Stuart.

Patti Thomas

Stuart, I have always had very good luck with your Company, and I will keep my order in. Thank you for your timely response.......Nancy

Sweater arrived. Beautiful and a perfect fit. Sorry I missed this year's Christmas card picture. Will keep a record of your website and try again for next year's picture.

Yup, that's it! Bingo. Thanks for your patience and cooperation with this confusing order. One big uffda.............Lunde

Yes, your parcel arrived the same night I e-mailed you. The sweater is beautiful and fits my mom perfectly. She has already been showing if off! Thanks for your prompt attention! I'm sure I will be buying from you again.....Pam

Good morning. That was easily the most beautiful sweater any of us had ever seen in our lives. We opened the package Tuesday. Dad wanted my wife, my sister, me and him all together when we did it. He just got back from having a nasty melanoma removed from his neck and he was feeling pretty good. Needless to say, my sister loved it as well, prompting dad to pull out the catalog so she could choose one. Then they rationalized that our sister-in-law in Arkansas would need one as well. And so it goes. Thanks for the info and I'll get to work on it immediately. LFL

You people are wonderful! I received my order for Christmas, the quality and price were outstanding. I will recommend you to anyone who will hear me and order from you in the future. Thank you VERY much!

May you have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Sincerely......Dortha Trench

My wife will understand, my fault for ordering late. I appreciate your customer service.
Thanks again......Colin

SWEET!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!


Wow! What customer service!!

I was impressed with the sweaters and the pricing so will return again to your website in the future. Especially with the great customer service!

Thank you for checking.....Barbara Schuetz

Your sweater arrived on Friday and was such a big hit! We gave it to Dad yesterday and he couldn't have been more thrilled. He put it right on and wore it the rest of the day, wishing for colder weather. He said he thought he could get thirty years out of this one too. He said we couldn't have gotten a better gift. When I called last night, they were upstairs finding a place in one of his drawers for it, as the card on it said not to hang it.Thanks a million......Ann

We want to thank you for all your efforts to make this happen. You really went out of your way for us and we appreciate it. These days we've all gotten used to impersonal service and you are a breath of fresh air. The whole family was impressed with the service you gave us. You made my dad's birthday a real success!
Thanks again.....Ann Knechtel

Hey dude! I did receive the sweater and it's totally awesome! Thanks for the sweater! Ciao! Alex

Stuart, I got my sweater on Tuesday!!! Thanks so much, it's absolutely perfect.
Best regards...........Nancy

I received my sweater! It's beautiful. This was to be my backup because of the timing on the shipping. However, I received it Thursday of last week. When I opened the package and saw how beautiful and perfect the colors were, needless to say I was thrilled.
The groom and best man went shopping this Saturday and came back with the same color scheme as the sweater. I love it!

Thank you so much! Roberta

Wanted to let you know that the sweaters were the hit of the trip and most appreciated by all our customers. I was looking through some photos and the sweaters were worn during skiing, our dinners and just hanging around the lodge so I can guarantee they were used.

Thanks again for all your help with the last minute customs issues.

Mark - Airbus

Just wanted to let you know how perfect is the fit of the sweater you made especially for my tall, slender, beloved husband!! We love the look, feel and scent of the garment. HUGE THANKS for creating a product that will be enjoyed and used for years and years to come!!

Most gratefully,

Manya and Ole Wik....Most satisfied customers in the mountains of Northern California.

The sweaters are wonderful. Indeed, I am very happy with their quality
and design. And your service is great.
You have a very satisfied client on this side. :-)

I wish you a most excellent New Year.

Best regards,
Antonio R. C. Costa

Your very good at customer service. Thanks for calling me and letting me know and more important suggest a replacement. Her birthday is Jan 4th, if you could have it by then I could still purchase it. I thank you for your time and energy, and Happy Holidays to you!


Thank you for contacting me,

I accept the change of my original order, by your suggestion, the Official Norwegian Skating Team Sweater in Navy/off-white.

I believe, I will be as well served. (All your sweaters are beautiful)
Thank you......Best regards.....Antonio R.C. Costa

P.S.- Today I received the sweater of my first order, I am very happy with it.
Congratulations, for your excellent service.