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Production in progress with Complete Stock available to ship the 1st week of April along with NEW 2018 styles

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Most orders are shipped in bulk from Norway to our location in New York and then directly on to you by priority mail which take about 1 to 2 weeks. Orders are usually shipped the next working day if in stock. New Shipping Rate All orders over $ 100.00 are shipped FREE to the USA, Canada and Europe, which includes most everything except for our mittens, hats, kids' sweaters & Sale items. A minimum shipping charge of $ 25.00 applies to orders under $ 150.00 and orders outside the free shipping locations to cover shipping and handling charges. Out of stock items depend on manufacturing dates. Direct shipments from Norway may incur customs duty tax which is approximately 16% to the USA. If a sweater is needed in a rush, we can ship direct from Norway by UPS Express $ 45 USD. Express shipments take 1 to 5 working days. Inquire if this method is needed.