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Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International

Partnering for Polar Bears

Norlender’s label proudly features a polar bear reflecting a deep passion for celebrating this treasured Nordic icon, and respecting its home in the arctic. Truly majestic creatures, polar bears are the largest predators on land, and physically the largest species of bears in the world.
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Polar bears are found across the arctic in five nations – U.S. (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark), and Norway (the Svalbard archipelago). Svalbard’s polar bears are referred to as the Barents Sea population.

Building on our Norwegian heritage and the desire to do more, seeking an affiliation with Polar Bears International (PBI)—the world’s leading polar bear conservation group, became a natural next step. In 2015, our partnership became official, and we are delighted to introduce our first PBI Polar Bear Collection.

Buy an adult sweater from our Norlender Polar Bear Collection, and we’ll donate $25 to PBI in your name (or $10 per kids sweater; $5 per accessory). Each purchase honors your gift with a beautiful PBI patch. Prefer another style but want to receive the custom designed patch, the choice is yours with an additional fee. 
Donations go to PBI to support the conservation of polar bear habitats.

Proudly selling eco-friendly Norlender outerwear, produced only in Norway for men, women and kids since 1927. Now partnered to help our polar bear family.

2015 Polar Bear Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever Polar Bear Collection – a selection of authentic Norlender knitwear which uniquely integrates the polar bear into its pattern. We offer these items as particularly appropriate for considering a donation to PBI and a beautiful hand-sewn PBI patch. A great way to bundle up for polar bears!

How It Works

Buy a Signature Polar Bear Sweater, and we’ll donate $25 of the purchase price to PBI in your name. Each purchase honors your gift with a beautiful, custom made, hand sewn PBI patch. Should you prefer another sweater style but want to receive the custom designed patch, the choice is yours with an additional fee of $35 at checkout -- $25 in donation plus $10 in patch costs.

Custom Hand-Sewn Polar Bears International (PBI) Patch

Add a PBI Patch to any product we sell for a cool way to recognize these might animals

Polar Bear Signature PBI PatchPolar Bear Stuff